South Carolina Genealogical Research

Trace your family tree in South Carolina

Is your family tree missing a few branches? Have you been wondering who your great-great grandmother is or where your ancestors lived or are buried? Dig through genealogical records and uncover your family's roots. Genealogical research rooms across the state have census records, birth and death certificates, old photos, land records, and other useful documents available to help you discover your family's South Carolina connection.

Our South Carolina Family Travel Insider spent some time at the Fairfield County Museum learning more about her family who started the town of Winnsboro. Read about her findings and research method.

Before you visit a South Carolina genealogical research center, check with other relatives and trace your family's tree as far back as you can. Once you gather the names, find a South Carolina research room to begin thumbing through records or you may want to begin your search online at Download and print our South Carolina Genealogy Research Guide to find genealogy resources throughout the Palmetto State.