Chef Spencer Thomson

Chef of Devereaux's, Greenville

Spencer Thomson is a native of Virginia who worked in restaurants around the Roanoke area before moving to Charleston, S.C., to attend Johnson and Wales University. After receiving his associate’s degree in 2001, he honed his culinary skills at such legendary area restaurants as 82 Queen and The Woodlands Inn and Resort.

One of the most influential experiences of Spencer's career has been working for celebrated chef Michael Kramer at McCrady's from 1999 to 2003. He found himself part of a talented and inspiring culinary team that produced such renowned alumni as David Breeden, who went on to New York’s Per Se; and Christopher Edwards, who moved on to take the executive chef position at Virginia's Patowmack Farm. Spencer was one of the first employees at McCrady’s to start on garde manger and work through every station of the kitchen, accumulating the full experience along the way.

Spencer began working for Devereaux's prior to its opening in 2005 and was instrumental in establishing the restaurant’s concept. He has a deep respect for traditional culinary techniques, particularly that of French convention, but combines these time-honored foundations with new, innovative practices and ingredients like sous vide and compressed fruits. Seasonal, regional ingredients always have a place on his menu, and he has cultivated relationships with producers like Greenbrier Farms, Terry Goldenstar and Jeff Isbell to assure that his dishes shine with the best heirloom flavors.

Spencer stands apart from the typical chef in that he likes to create both sweet and savory cuisine. With his passion for pastry, he creates all the desserts for the restaurant, including house-made sorbet and ice cream. He prefers to coax the natural sweetness from berries and fruits and use those flavors as the base for his sweet dishes, but he also has an affinity for chocolate.

In his spare time, Spencer takes full advantage of Greenville's natural beauty by hiking and camping in the company of his wife and two dogs.