South Carolina Insiders: Best Beach Vacation Spots

Let our local, South Carolina beach experts on Less Traveled locations, Food and Dining, Family Travel in SC, Arts and Culture, Outdoor Adventures, and Golf help you find the very best beach vacation spots and create fun-filled South Carolina vacation itineraries! You’ll pick up valuable insider information on the best beaches for kids, the tastiest restaurants, can’t-miss golf courses, South Carolina festivals and so on. There’s so much more to South Carolina than just having the best beach vacation spots, so keep up with our Insiders here to find all the hidden secrets of South Carolina (did you know that many South Carolina beaches frequently rank among the best beaches for kids and families?).
  • Outdoor

    Marie McAden

    A South Carolina beach getaway can be so much more than just sunning in the best beach vacation spots. Learn to surf at Folly Beach and ride horses at sunset on Myrtle Beach. Go pier fishing or kayak in an undisturbed salt marsh. It’s all here waiting for you.

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  • Family Travel

    Kerry Egan

    South Carolina is a vacationing family's dream – and what better place to visit in SC than the beach! From the wild beauty of Hunting Island to the water parks and golf of Myrtle Beach to the history of Charleston -SC is made for your beach vacation.

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  • Food Gwen Fowler

    South Carolina means great food. From beaufort stew to she crab soup, get your fill of SC flavors.

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  • Golf Bob Gillespie

    It’s hard to imagine your South Carolina beach vacation without golf. SC has over 260 golf courses.

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  • Less Traveled Page Ivey

    South Carolina is just calling to you! History, museums, interesting people. Check out SC Less Traveled.

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  • Arts and Culture Shani Gilchrist

    Add some culture to your next SC beach trip. It doesn’t have to be all sun and tanning lotion!

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