Bull Island

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Bull Island South Carolina

Part of the 62,000-acre Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, the secluded beaches of Bulls Island, South Carolina offer an exciting day-trip adventure for history buffs, nature lovers or those who just want to get away for a day of exploring.

What to Do:

Secluded beaches at Bull Island

Meet the passenger ferry at Garris Landing in the morning, and spend  the day collecting shells and surf fishing on the secluded beaches. Look for trails created by the rare red wolf, which is bred on the island, and watch the waters for surfacing dolphins. The afternoon ferry brings you back refreshed from a true wilderness experience.

Did You Know?

Bull Island, South Carolina is considered a Class 1 wilderness location, meaning it has remained relatively unchanged and unaltered by man. A ferry is the only means of transportation to the island's secluded beaches, and visitors are not allowed to stay past dark.



Bull Island, South Carolina Bull Island was a well-known hideout for pirates waiting to raid ships along the coast. The ruins of the Old Fort on Bull Island are believed to be what is left of a Martello tower that was built in the early 1700s, which Union troops destroyed during the Civil War. During the Revolutionary War, British warships used the island as a restocking station.

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