Carolina Barbeque Company

935 E Carolina AVE
Varnville, SC 29944


Carolina Barbeque Company has the best recipe for an amazing dining experience. And it includes you! Just add perfectly slow-cooked smoked ribs, the company of your family and friends and our warm hospitality. Carolina Barbeque Company in Varnville, SC serves some of the most delectable barbecue dishes in the area at great prices. We take pride in mouthwatering pulled porks, ribs, brisket, hand-cut steak, chicken and turkey. We'll plenty for you when you arrive. We look forward to having you!

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935 E Carolina AVE
Varnville, SC 29944

Phone: 803-943-9015


  • Days and Hours of Operation : W-Sa 11am-9pm & Su 11am-3pm
  • Days and Holidays Closed : M & Tu