Bucky's Bar-B-Q

1700 Roper Mountain RD
Greenville, SC 29615


Bucky’s BBQ began as a small roadside stop but has grown into a Greenville staple with four convenient locations. Why the growth? It's gotta be the barbecue! The wood-smoked flavor of the Boston butts keeps customers coming back. And though it’s delicious without adding a thing, but mustard, tomato or hot vinegar sauces are offered.

Bucky’s is one of the restaurants on the S.C. Barbeque Association’s list of barbecue worth driving 100 miles to eat.

Contact Information

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1700 Roper Mountain RD
Greenville, SC 29615

Phone: 864-329-0054


  • Days and Hours of Operation : M-Tu 10am-2:30pm, W-Sa 10am-8pm
  • Days and Holidays Closed : Su