Cotton Hills Farm And Market

2633 Lowry's HWY
Chester, SC 29706


Offers living classroom and family farm tours which include wagon rides and picnics, a petting zoo, a turn-of-the-century tractor engine-operated grist mill, a corn maze, cotton, watermelons and lots of pumpkins in season (generally late September to early November). Groups welcome! Stoneground grits and cornmeal along with fresh produce available at the Market.

Contact Information

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2633 Lowry's HWY
Chester, SC 29706

Phone: 803-581-2221


  • Days and Hours of Operation : Produce Market - M-Sa 9am-7pm April through Thanksgiving; farm trips - M-F in fall by appt. only; open to the public on Sa.
  • Days and Holidays Closed : Sunday and winter months
  • Checks Accepted
  • Visa/Master Card