Fun and Fitness in February - Crossfit

16148 Ocean HWY
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576


Huntington Beach SP is your place to get into shape this year. Fun and Fitness in February will give you many opportunities to try out new activities and see what fits you. From bike rides to yoga, Huntington Beach is your first stop in fitness! At Crossfit Vengeance, training is designed to constantly vary the workout intensity, weights, and duration. This allows for muscle "confusion" that leads to metabolic and muscular improvement. Intensity is the key toward continued physical preparedness and adaptation to skilled exercise movements. The group dynamic at Crossfit Vengeance adds to your workout intensity, whether you are competing against your spouse, a friend, or another athlete, by creating an atmosphere that encourages you to push yourself harder than ever before.

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Huntington Beach State Park

16148 Ocean HWY
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576



  • Meeting Place : South Beach Access
  • What to Bring : Water, wear layers and proper footwear.
  • Event Hours : 9am-10am
  • Fee : Free with park admission ($5/adult, $3/child 6-15)