Creatures of the Night

11020 Woods Bay RD
Olanta, SC 29114


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Carolina Bay…after dark? Join us at Woods Bay State Park after hours for an experience you don't want to miss! With the park ranger as your guide, you will quietly observe Woods Bay’s secretive, nocturnal inhabitants. We'll use flashlights at times, but we'll also use the darkness and quiet to "see" what might not want to be seen. From acro"bats" to wild bobcats, who knows what we'll encounter! So make your plans to join us for “Creatures of the Night.”

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Woods Bay State Park

11020 Woods Bay RD
Olanta, SC 29114



  • Registration Deadline : October 19 (for Nov 2 program) and October 26 (for Nov 9 program)
  • Meeting Place : Woods Bay Nature Center
  • What to Bring : Bring your own flashlight, close-toed shoes, and insect repellent.
  • Event Hours : 6pm-7pm
  • Fee : $5/participant