Escape From Spider Island!

6660 Poinsett Park RD
Wedgefield, SC 29168


What happens when a bunch of spiders are stranded on a spider-sized island? Will it be "every spider for itself" or will they cooperate to escape? Find out for yourself during Escape from Spider Island! If you aren't scared of spiders, you can help us find and capture some. We'll take a close look at some spiders to see what makes them different from the rest of the arthropod world. When we've looked at the differences between the spiders, we'll release them on an island of our own creation. Then we'll watch to see how the spiders react to their new environs! At only $3 per spider hunter, this is a must for anyone who enjoys catching critters!

Contact Information

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Poinsett State Park

6660 Poinsett Park RD
Wedgefield, SC 29168



  • Meeting Place : Poinsett Park Office
  • What to Bring : Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, water, and a camera.
  • Event Hours : The escape begins at 2pm and runs for about an hour.
  • Fee : $3 per spider hunter