South Carolina Videos

There’s only one thing better than watching South Carolina videos … and that’s being here in person! To tide you over until you can get here, the South Carolina video gallery provides an array of footage from various vacation hot-spots around the state, including state parks, restaurants, and golf courses. 

  • Meet the SC Food Insider Duration:2:41
  • SC Food Insider - Dine on $40 a day in Hilton Head Island, SC Duration:1:47
  • SC Food Insider vists the Woodands Inn Duration:5:04
  • SC Insider - Dining in Charleston for under $40 a day Duration:2:29
  • SC Food Insider - Dine on $40 a day in Columbia, SC Duration:3:23
  • Chef Sean Brock tells SC Food Insider the story of his tattoo Duration:2:49