Cannon's BBQ

1903 Nursery RD
Little Mountain, SC 29075


They do some old-fashioned stuff way up there in Little Mountain and it's worth the drive. The 'cue is solid, the hash practically smoked in itself, and the ribs fall from the bone with the first bite. The Cannons cook their hash in wash pots over wood.

Cannon's BBQ is one of the restaurants on the S.C. Barbecue Association’s list of barbecue worth driving 100 miles to eat. There is no sign or flashing lights, but you can find Cannon's at the intersection of Nursery Road and US 76.

Contact Information

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1903 Nursery RD
Little Mountain, SC 29075

Phone: 803-945-1080


  • Days and Hours of Operation : Tu-Sa 11am-8pm
  • Days and Holidays Closed : Su and M