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Shani Gilchrist



Something To Look At: “Works by Marquin Campbell” at Centre Stage Theatre in Greenville

Posted 12/23/2013 10:05:00 AM

South Carolina is bursting with visual arts talent, and one prime example can be seen in “Works by Marquin Campbell” at Centre Stage Theatre’s gallery in Greenville. Centre Stage? You ask. A theater?

We live in an age of collaboration, and back in 2005 Greenville’s Metropolitan Arts Council got together with Centre Stage to provide exhibition space for MAC member artists in conjunction with each theatrical production throughout the year. The exhibition that is currently on view shows the colorful, thoughtful work of a multi-talented woman. Marquin Campbell studied painting at the University of Georgia, then went on to study and work in fashion design in New York. Such a background brings a tangible, aesthetic geometry to her paintings, and has her designing custom jewelry, as well.

Campbell’s paintings are on view at Centre Stage through Jan. 13. For more information please visit