Marie McAden



Five mountain views you should resolve to see in 2014

Posted 1/5/2014 3:24:00 PM

Already floundering on your New Year’s resolution? Instead of some pie-in-the-sky self-improvement goal, make a commitment you can easily achieve — and have fun doing.

Resolve this year to get outdoors and see some of South Carolina’s most beautiful mountain vistas. It fits nicely into your live-healthier-in-2014 plan. After all, there’s nothing like fresh mountain air and a stunning landscape to lift your spirits.

Here are five of South Carolina’s must-see mountain views:

1. Pretty Place: A favorite wedding venue, this sweet spot features an open-air chapel overlooking the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. A short walk from the parking area is all that’s required to enjoy the spectacular view.

2. Jumping Off Rock: You don’t need to hike to take in the “hallmark view” of the Jocassee Gorges. But fasten your seat belt! It’s a bumpy ride up a winding road to the overlook.

3. Caesars Head: Set on a huge granite outcropping, the wheelchair-accessible observation platform offers a fantastic panorama of the Blue Ridge Escarpment rising 2,000 feet from the rolling hills of the piedmont below.

4. Table Rock: South Carolina’s most photographed natural wonder, this 3,100-foot-high granite dome overlooks the vibrant blue waters of the Table Rock Reservoir. Make note: it’s a strenuous 3.4-mile hike to the top.

5. Sassafras Mountain: At 3,560 feet, it takes title to the highest point in South Carolina. You can drive up to a platform erected just shy of the peak and see all the way from Whiteside Mountain in North Carolina down to Lake Jocassee, Lake Keowee and Lake Hartwell.