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10 of South Carolina’s most walkable downtowns
10 of South Carolina’s most walkable downtowns

Who says you need a dirt path or rocky trail to go hiking? City sidewalks have become a favorite in-town option for traveling trekkers.

Instead of gazing upon scenic waterfalls, mountains and rivers, you can ooh and aah at historic... > Read More
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Breathtaking beauty awaits hikers on the Chattooga Trail
Breathtaking beauty awaits hikers on the Chattooga Trail

Forty-one years ago, a little movie called “Deliverance” introduced the world to the Chattooga River, a 50-mile ribbon of whitewater coursing through the backwoods of South Carolina.

Monster rapids like the wicked Woodall Shoals served as the backdrop for many... > Read More
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Growing up in Miami, Marie McAden always loved sailing, swimming and surfing in the ocean. But it wasn’t until she moved to South Carolina 18 years ago that she became a hiking-biking-kayaking junkie. She has enjoyed every manner of outdoor activity from rafting the Chattooga, mountain biking in Harbison, paddling the Edisto and backpacking through Jones Gap State Park, and South Carolina beach camping

When she’s not screaming through a Class IV rapid or paddling the still waters of a pristine creek, Marie is writing feature stories and press releases for a variety of S.C. organizations and businesses. She began freelancing 14 years ago after working seven years as a reporter and editor at The Miami Herald.

From hiking and camping in South Carolina to whitewater rafting, surfing and sailing, Marie McAden is your guide to SC Outdoor Adventure.