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Tracy Pou



North Charleston's old village up and coming

Posted 4/4/2011 10:21:00 PM

Planning your next trip to the Charleston area? If you want to enjoy that small-town feeling without leaving the city, you’ll definitely want to checkout North Charleston’s Old Village.

Like many parts of North Charleston, Old Village is an up and coming area. As part of its renaissance, many new businesses have moved into old buildings located along the area’s traditional main street.

The revitalization has resulted in an eclectic mix of spas, salons, shops, theaters and restaurants. One restaurant in particular, Cork, has earned a great reputation for good food and going green. Nearly everything in the restaurant is made of recycled or refurbished material. Cork’s green philosophy is right in line with North Charleston’s efforts toward building sustainable communities, an initiative that has garnered the city national awards and attention.

Speaking of attention, one local burger shop near Old Village gets a lot of it from locals and visitors. No trip to Old Village is complete without a stop at Sesame Burgers and Beer. If you love a good hand-made, hormone-free burger with creative toppings, Sesame is the place.

During a recent visit there, I thoroughly enjoyed a juicy gourmet turkey burger, topped with goat cheese and Portobello mushrooms paired with a side of hand-cut sweet potato fries. Sesame Manager Keith Mayfield also offered up a delectable piece of grilled corn on the cob, which came atop a bed of lettuce, drizzled with chipotle sauce and covered in butter and shredded cheese. So delicious!

Sesame has been in business for about five years. Mayfield told me the majority of the restaurant’s customers are locals -- mainly families who live in the nearby Park Circle neighborhood. When I asked him what message he had for potential tourists, he said: “Come check out Park Circle and Sesame. We’ll knock your socks off.”