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Tracy Pou



A Birds Eye View of Charleston

Posted 5/7/2010 1:27:00 PM

If you’re looking for a fun and unusual way to tour Charleston, why not hire a parrot and pirate as your tour guide? Eric Lavender, a professional storyteller, leads walking tours through Charleston’s historic district dressed as a pirate with a special sidekick on his arm: a rescued blue and gold Macaw named Captain Bob.

Lavender and his family adopted Captain Bob in May 2006 from an area bird shelter. In only a few short years of joining the family, Captain Bob became a local celebrity. He and Lavender entertain visitors and Charleston area locals with family-friendly pirate tours and storytelling appearances. Does Captain Bob talk? Aye, mateys. He does chat and has a pretty large vocabulary. And while no one is ever quite sure what he’ll say, we’re pretty sure the parrot never intends to ruffle in any feathers. It’s all in good fun!

The Charleston Pirate Tour covers about a mile and lasts for two hours. For more information on tour hours and ticket prices, call (843) 442-7299 or see www.CharlestonPirateTour.com.