Less Traveled 2010

Tracy Pou



Small Town Spotlight -- Barnwell

Posted 7/26/2010 10:31:00 AM
Some of South Carolina’s most interesting and beautiful jewels are located in small towns across the state. Take Barnwell, for example.

Did you know that what is thought to be the only free-standing vertical sundial in the country is located in front of the Barnwell County Courthouse? The unusual clock keeps time based on the angle of the sun. The Barnwell sundial has been giving local residents accurate time, within two minutes of standard time for more than 150 years. That’s pretty amazing!

The sundial isn’t Barnwell’s only distinction. Barnwell also claims to be home to South Carolina’s oldest original Catholic church: Saint Andrew’s Chapel which was built in 1831.

Visitors can learn much more about the town’s history by visiting the Barnwell County Museum. There, a number of displays tell Barnwell’s story.

History isn’t the only thing Barnwell has to offer. In fact, the town has a little something for everyone. Lake Edgar Brown is an angler’s delight. The 100-acre lake has two wooden fishing piers and public boat access. There’s also Barnwell State Park - also a popular fishing spot. You cannot leave Barnwell without a trip to the Little Red Barn Pottery and Art Gallery. There you’ll find one-of-a-kind artwork from nationally recognized nature photographer and S.C. Master Naturalist Larry Price and Master Potter Liz Ringus, who specializes in S.C. traditional face jugs.

For more information on Barnwell, see www.cityofbarnwell.com or call (803) 259-3266.