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Robert Gilbert


Great par 3s in the Upstate

They might be shortest holes in terms of yardage, but par 3s often provide the most drama on the golf course. From a once-in-a-lifetime ace to a score-busting quadruple bogey or worse, par 3s can make or break a round... > Read More
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BMW rocks the 'ultimate drive'
BMW rocks the 'ultimate drive'

The most memorable moment from my recent golf vacation in Greer did not involve hitting a 350-yard drive, nor did it include me sinking a 90-foot putt, or even acing a hole. In fact, it didn’t even involve a... > Read More
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One summer afternoon on the 8th hole of Charleston National Golf Club, Robert Gilbert hit a soaring 4-iron from about 190 yards. It settled 3 feet from the pin. It was the greatest moment of his golf life -- right up until he left that 3-foot putt short. That, in a nutshell, describes Robert’s golf game — exhilarating to devastating in two shots. And like most golfers, he cannot get enough of it.