Bob Gillespie



Dollar golf: Northwoods offers chance to play all the golf you want for $1 a hole

Posted 1/26/2013 4:56:00 PM

Greg McBride has offered special golf deals at Columbia’s Northwoods Golf Club before as a way to encourage more play, especially in the winter months. “We’ve done (basing the cost of a round on) the temperature before,” the club’s owner and head professional says with a laugh. “But (we’ve) never (done) this.”

“This” is Northwoods’ gift to golf junkies: Play the popular P.B. Dye-designed course, Monday-Wednesday, for $1 a hole. That’s $18 for 18 holes, with cart. Or $36 for 36 holes, or $54 for 54 holes, or … well, you get the idea.

The special pricing began in December and continues at least through the end of January, with tee times based on availability. Once area temperatures go up in the spring, McBride will return to Northwoods’ regular prices, which still are a good deal at $29 weekdays and $39 weekends through March 31, rising to $49 weekdays/weekends in April.

“We’re getting some play off (the special prices), and we do these deals to bring in (extra) business,” McBride says. The club, which is public but also offers membership packages, is a Midlands favorite with many of the area’s best amateur players and even such professionals as PGA Tour player and Bishopville native Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey, who during the Tour’s off-season takes part in the club’s regular “dogfight” competitions.

McBride knows golf traffic is down nationally due to the economy and the winter weather, and he also knows his is “an industry people don’t have to use.” The up side: Those who can and want to play are finding great deals. “The customer is in charge now,” he says.

Northwoods has sent e-mails to regulars and past customers advertising the $1-per-hole deals, but to get that price, you have to respond to those mailings – or ask for them when calling to book tee times. And if you’re a glutton for playing and want to save even more money, McBride has a hint.

“After 18 holes, it’s cheaper to just pay a repeat cart fee,” he says. For information and directions, call (803) 786-9242 or click here.