Gwen Fowler



Euphoria wine dinner at Stella's was amazing

Posted 9/25/2011 5:44:00 PM

Wine dinners are the Saturday night event at Euphoria, Greenville's fabulous, food, wine and music festival, and I was lucky enough to go to the one at Stella’s Southern Bistro in nearby Simpsonville.

Stella’s Chef Jason Scholz was supposed to be working with visiting Chef Joshua Hopkins of Atlanta’s Abattoir for the evening. Hopkins had to cancel at the last minute for an emergency, but he sent his sous chef, Carlos Baez, to take his place.

That might have been enough to throw Scholz off his game, but he apparently did not miss a step. We had an amazing six-course meal, paired with wines from Row Eleven Winery and Southern Wine and Spirits

Get ready to drool while I tell you what we had:

The appetizers were probably my favorite part of the meal. There was rainbow trout tartare served on a delicious benne seed wafer, yummy Vietnamese duck meatballs served with kimchee mayonnaise, and watercress biscuits with country ham and pimiento.

Our first course was a tasty octopus salad, very tender and mild pieces of octopus served with broccoli sprouts, banana peppers and pickled crowder peas.

The next course was a pork belly chop. We’re talking chop here, as in pork chop, and not the usual small round of pork belly you’re usually served.

The third course was a rabbit-stuffed rabbit lollipop, served with veal sweetbreads and Parson’s sweet potatoes. The potatoes were excellent accompaniment with the rabbit.

Next was a pan-roasted squab breast and leg, along with eggplant and mushrooms.

The dessert was a scrumptious carmelized pineapple pudding cake with coconut and rum Bavarian cream. Most of us were much too full to eat dessert, but this was way too good to pass up.