Gwen Fowler



Try Greenville's Nose Dive for wine on tap, great menu

Posted 7/3/2011 9:39:00 PM

Not only does Nose Dive in Greenville have a clever name and interesting menu, but it also has wine on tap. That’s right. Beer isn’t the only beverage on tap anymore.

The gastropub is offering four wines on tap: merlot, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay from Silvertap and pinot noir from Saintsbury. The price by the glass is from $6 to $10. Gina Boulware, director of marketing and public relations for Table 301, said Nose Dive hopes to offer more wines on tap soon.

It is one of the few restaurants in the country serving wine on tap, but it is a trend likely to spread rapidly in the coming years. Wine on tap is good for the environment, and it lets wine lovers get a better quality glass of wine for their buck.

Each reusable barrel of wine contains the equivalent of 26 bottles or 108 glasses of wine. So each barrel means 26 bottles and labels don’t have to be produced and shipped.

There also are fewer chances for the wine to lose quality. The wine in the keg should stay fresher because it is protected again oxidation, and there’s no cork to go bad.

Nose Dive opened in February, but I visited for the first time June 24. I loved the chance to try wine on tap: I sampled all four and then decided on a glass of the sauvignon blanc. My husband had a glass of chardonnay. Both were excellent, especially for $6 a glass.

One thing I love about Nose Dive is that the dinner menu is very simple, although the food is anything but. The appetizers are $6 each; the sandwiches and burgers are $9 each; the main courses are $15 each; the desserts are $6 each.

We started by sharing a Scotch egg, a hard-boiled egg inside a sausage and panko coating, and a Maryland crab pretzel, a soft pretzel topped with crabmeat and cheddar.

We also split a New England lobster roll, the one sandwich on the menu that isn’t $9. It’s $16, but as the menu says: “hey, it's lobstah!” It’s a very tasty sandwich, a bun loaded with lobster seasoned with mayonnaise and lemon. It was served with sweet potato fries, which are delicious.

Nose Dive is the newest Table 301 restaurant, a group owned by Carl Sobocinski in downtown Greenville. The gastropub is in the location of Table 301’s former Restaurant O, which closed at the end of 2008.