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Take a spin on South Carolina’s oldest roller rink

Posted 9/9/2012 6:24:00 PM

Did you know Orangeburg is home to one of the oldest remaining roller skating rinks in the Southeast?

The roller rink, now named Jammer’s Skate-N-Fun Center and Roller Rink, opened in 1948. The original owner visited a rink in New York on his way back home from serving in World War II, and he saw how popular skating was there. He returned to Orangeburg and convinced his father to help him build a roller rink. Though the original 120 by 50 foot maple floor rink and building have been expanded a number of times over the years, most recently to incorporate a family fun center, families are still lacing up their skates for a roll around this popular skating rink.

Fun fact: During the heyday of skating in the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a 300 percent increase in skating rinks built in the United States. Movies like Xanadu (1980), Skatetown, USA (1979) and Roller Boogie (1979) fueled the craze.

Jammer's still mixes in a little disco music from skating’s glory days on Sundays. They have 800 pairs of skates available for rent, a pro shop for onsite skate repairs, and a playground for kids featuring a 12 foot slide, a bounce room, a rope swing and an obstacle maze. The arcade includes three popular Dance Dance Revolution games, skeeball, air hockey, basketball and prizes you can earn with game tickets. There’s also a snack bar offering pizza, corndogs, candy and other favorites. The rink was voted the best place for family entertainment in the three-county area by the local Times and Democrat newspaper for 10 years.

Current owner Kevin Beebe says a lot of rinks have closed because kids are on computers more, but families should take advantage of this great way to get exercise. “It’s the third best exercise you can do,” he says. It’s less stress on the feet and legs than running, and you can make it as hard or difficult as you want. The average adult burns 300-500 calories in one hour of skating.

What to give it a whirl? Sunday is family skate day. Bring out the family and rock around the rink to music from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Family friendly matinee hours: Saturday 1-5 p.m. $5 admission plus $2.50 skate rental, and Sunday 2-5 p.m. $3 admission plus $2.50 skate rental.

Jammers is located at 698 Murray Road in Orangeburg. For more information, call (803) 533-1600 or click here.