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Nichole Livengood



Stop at Old Village Mount Pleasant's Pitt Street Pharmacy for a peek into the past

Posted 9/2/2012 4:32:00 PM

If you want to peek into the past of a small lowcountry town, pop on over to Pitt Street Pharmacy in Old Village Mount Pleasant. My mother-in-law owns Slater Drug Store, a third generation soda fountain and pharmacy in the small S.C. town of Slater, so when we found out there was a similar establishment in Mount Pleasant, we had to go check it out.

Pitt Street Pharmacy sits the end of a line of stores in Old Village Mount Pleasant: a hair salon, Village Bakery and a few modern boutique-style shops including Ooh! Events, Out of Hand and Shrimp and Grits Kids.

Pitt Street Pharmacy was founded in 1937. Generations of Mount Pleasant residents have perched on the round red stools at the counter to suck down thick handmade milkshakes, enjoy a homemade pimento cheese sandwich and catch up on the local gossip.

Even though the soda jerks now carry iPhones and the customers might poke at their iPads instead of flipping through newspapers, milkshakes are still spinning and neighborhood news is still the talk of the day.

While my mother-in-law chatted with the pharmacist and compared stories, we explored. My daughter examined the old phone booth and the candy counter. We checked out the display cabinet along one wall that contained an incredible collection of old colorful medicine bottles, medical tools and supplies from the pharmacy and town doctors. Pitts carries medical and personal care essentials like most small town pharmacies, but it also has a nice collection of books about island history and books by local authors.

The soda counter is a mix of the old and new, offering the same homemade egg salad, tuna salad and grilled cheese sandwiches they’ve served for years. They still serve traditional chocolate malt and vanilla shakes, but have added new flavors like coffee and Mint Chocolate chip over the years as well. Their ice cream is from Charleston’s Wholly Cow Ice Cream. I went old school and tried the chocolate malt.

If you’re in the Charleston area, Pitt Street Pharmacy is definitely worth a side trip. If you’re up for a challenge, you can take part in the Pitt Street Rx Grilled Cheese challenge. The record so far stands at 18 grilled cheese sandwiches. Pitt Street Pharmacy, 111 Pitt St., is open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.