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Nichole Livengood



Ridgeway home to world’s smallest police station

Posted 11/7/2012 2:35:00 PM

On one of our recent family adventures, we took a detour off Interstate 77 to the little town of Ridgeway located in Fairfield County. We were on a mission to see the world’s smallest police station.

The town of Ridgeway is only about a half-mile wide so it is no surprise that the police station is a tiny building, but up close it was shocking to see just how tiny. The black and white checkered floor room was crowded with just three of us standing inside.

First used in the 1940s, the little building at 160 N. Palmer St. measured 5 by 8 feet and held no more than a desk, a filing cabinet and one employee. People walked up to a sliding window to conduct their business. The building was later expanded to a whopping 5 by 12 feet. The police station relocated to a building next door in the 1990s, but you can still visit the old station, which now houses the welcome center.

A lot of people come through the town to visit the station, the mayor says, but surprisingly the most visited place is the little old red phone booth between the old and new station. In the new police station window is a sign telling people to use the phone if they need help and there’s no one in the office. “Believe it or not, it still works and it still takes a quarter,” Mayor Charlene Herring says.