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Nichole Livengood



Animal Adventure: Mini Miracles Farm in Taylors

Posted 11/3/2012 11:34:00 AM

My family has gotten our pumpkins at Mini Miracles Farm in Taylors for years, so on the opening day of their pumpkin patch my daughter and I ventured out in the rain to say hi and see some of the rescue animals that call the farm home.

Joseph Brookshire gave us the grand tour around his family’s working farm. He introduced us to two llamas named Dolly and Gracie and a big Tennessee Fainting goat. He pointed out a mystery chicken that just showed up at the farm one day out of the blue, and he showed us his Banty Town chickens and Silky Roosters named Yin and Yang. A potbelly pig named Ellie Mae came out to meet us. Did you know potbellied pigs have the intelligence of a three year old? Noel, queen of the farm, walked right up, looked us in the eyes and chatted away. She is a wild boar that was caught by hunters. Joseph tells us she was hurt badly but escaped. The humane society doctored her up and asked Mini Miracles Farm to give her a home.

Rescuing animals is only part of the work at Mini Miracles. The Brookshire family runs a CSA, for which they grow and produce a portion of the food on site. They are also a learning farm, where children of all abilities can come learn about animals in a safe space, for which there is no charge (by appointment only). Their focus is on children with special needs, but all kids are welcome. Joseph, now 21, was born with autism and is part of the inspiration behind the family business.

“Our first farm addition was a pigmy goat named Cinnamon,” says Natalie Brookshire, a former teacher. “We then got some miniature donkeys and it grew from there.” She says she has gotten way more from kids sitting on the back of the horse than through interacting in a classroom. “I’m fascinated by what animals do for children.”

Mini Miracles is one of the few farms that actively invites special needs kids. Fundraisers like a pumpkin patch hayride and animal education adventure help raise funds for the farm, because there is no charge for their services.

For more information about Mini Miracles Farm, click here or call (864) 968-9678.