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Frisbee-tossing homemade robots set to battle at EdVenture this weekend

Posted 6/1/2013 8:17:00 AM

Yes, you read that headline correctly: teams of robots designed and created by high school students and their mentors are planning a showdown at EdVenture Children's Museum in Columbia today (June 1.) It will be Charleston versus Columbia. Their weapons of choice? Frisbees.

Why? Because the first Columbia Mini Maker Faire is coming! Thirty "makers" of all ages, and from all over South Carolina, will be gathering to share their creations and inventions.

This Mini Maker Faire is a smaller, local version of the original, national Maker Faire that attracts almost 100,000 people each year in San Mateo, Calif.

And just who are these "makers"? They’re tinkerers, artists, do-it-yourselfers, scientists, kids and teenagers with more creativity and energy than I've ever had, and your neighbor who's always in the garage building something new. It's anybody who makes something with their own hands. It's people who want to share their amazing creations with families from all over South Carolina and inspire kids (and adults, for that matter) to start inventing, tinkering and creating.

There will also be programs, demonstrations, and workshops all day long to spark your imagination. You might be inspired to become a maker yourself

For more information, see their website. Also, be sure to check out stories on some of the presenters who'll be at the Faire at their blog.

The first annual Columbia Mini Maker Faire is Saturday, June 1, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at EdVenture Children's Museum, 211 Gervais St, Columbia. Admission is $11.50, which includes admission to the rest of the museum. The Faire is free for EdVenture members. Tickets can be purchased here and will also be available at the door.