Arts and Culture 2011

Amy Holtcamp



Artist of the Week – Noelle Brault

Posted 4/25/2012 1:19:00 PM

Artist: Noelle Brault
Medium: Painting
Location: Columbia

I was introduced to Noelle Brault at an exhibit of her work at Columbia’s Wine Down on Main wine bar. My friend had liked Noelle’s impressionistic landscapes so much that she instantly purchased one last year when she saw Brault’s work at the Elmwood Tour of Homes. When I saw Noelle’s paintings I understood why she’d had to have one. Her paintings are romantic, soft-focus depictions of the Southern landscape, where the trees drip with moss and the light flickers through the leaves on the trees.

Q: What did you do before you started painting (what's your profession or background?)
I am a software engineer for Southeastern Freight Lines. I have a degree in Mathematics from USC and took computer-programming classes after that at Midlands Tech. I have been programming since I graduated.

Q: When did you start painting? What drew you to painting?
I started taking classes from Michel McNinch three and a half years ago. I started painting my own original paintings about two years ago. I have always wanted to create something and have always wanted to paint. I love color and being creative.

Q: What's your favorite thing to paint? How do you choose the subject for your paintings?
Right now I paint a lot of Southern landscapes. I love the Lowcountry. I also love painting Columbia and Charleston cityscapes. My husband is from Maine so I also enjoy painting coastal New England paintings. I would like to paint more cityscapes with people in them carrying on with their daily lives.

Q: Describe the last painting you completed -- what was it a painting of and/or what was the process of creating it like? What inspired the painting?
The very last painting that I painted was of a side street in downtown Charleston. I decided to try a very small painting. I was inspired by the contrast of light and shadows. I tried to mix more of my own colors in this painting so I was pleased with the colors that were created.

Q: Where do you paint? Do you have a studio or part of your home set aside for your painting?
I usually paint in a room at our home off of the back porch. It’s more convenient to paint from photographs but I would like to try to paint more “plein air” paintings.

Q: It seems that a lot of your paintings are of spots here in South Carolina? Is there one of your paintings that depicts a special spot that you'd encourage travelers to visit?
I would encourage people to visit Edisto if they have not. Edisto is not commercialized like some of the other Lowcountry areas.