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Amy Holtcamp



Finding my inner artist at Artisphere

Posted 5/12/2012 1:40:00 PM

Painting is a hobby of mine. It’s so relaxing! When I’m painting, I don’t think about anything else. So how could I pass up a chance to try my hand at creating my own masterpiece at Vino and Van Gogh’s Artisphere event?

Vino and Van Gogh is a great Greenville business, started by local Marquin Campbell, an artist and graduate of The Parsons School of Design. Every night the shop guides a group of people in creating a specific painting. It’s a fun, friendly environment – and as the name suggests, you’re encouraged to sip some wine while you paint.

This morning it was a little too early for the vino, but the instructors still created that fun, friendly atmosphere. The environment was incredibly welcoming, and it was impossible to mistake this for a stuffy, serious art class. One of the instructors was even dressed up as Van Gogh himself, complete with a bandaged bloody ear. Even people in the crowd who had never picked up a brush seemed eager and excited to begin.

For $25, we were all given a canvas, brushes, paints and a T-shirt (which I should have worn as a smock, because I had a little bit of trouble keeping the paint on the canvas. Live and learn.)

Our subject was Greenville’s iconic Liberty Bridge. Luckily, realism was not the goal, as the painting was an abstract version of the landmark. Campbell said she wanted to pay homage to their impressionist namesake Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

Campbell’s instruction was clear and easy to follow, and before long, something was emerging on my canvas that looked vaguely like the original!

For more information on Vino and Van Gogh, click here. It’s a great place for a girls’ night out, bridal shower or even just to try something creative on your own.