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Artist Q&A: Patton Blackwell

Posted 7/15/2013 2:45:00 PM

Camden, South Carolina, may as well go ahead and give Patton Blackwell a sash and pin and make her the town’s official ambassador. The artist is always ready to show visitors the best of the town — and she thinks that everything in the town is the best!

I was introduced to Patton through a mutual friend, and we got together when I interviewed her for the piece I wrote about Camden a few months ago. My husband had joined me for the working road trip, and somehow my (ahem) “fiscally conservative” husband wound up purchasing box tickets to the Colonial Cup races before the interview had ended. She’s that good!

Patton’s large-scale paintings are the things that people dream about owning (I know I do!). The abstract creations draw heavily from the nature that surrounds her home and her studies throughout the United States and South America. Her work is prominently displayed in many private and corporate collections, and we are so glad to have her as one of South Carolina’s own. Here are Patton’s thoughts about South Carolina:

Q: What do you love about pursuing your craft in South Carolina?
A: South Carolina is a very unique place to discover for so many reasons. South Carolina has the ocean, the mountains, the swamps, the Midlands, the sandhills, the Lowcountry and so much more -- such amazing places to explore and create in.

Q: Where is your favorite place to enjoy the arts as a spectator/audience member in South Carolina?
A: The Columbia Museum of Art is an incredible South Carolina museum yet international at the same time. And our Fine Arts Center in Camden is a must for all the arts.

Q: What is your favorite South Carolina restaurant?
A: I cannot think of just one restaurant. There are so many wonderful ones popping up, from dining to quick lunches, that are all great for different reasons. Variety is the key here.

Q: Where is the first place you would suggest to a guest who is visiting the state for the first time?
A: I would invite visitors and always do to the Colonial Cup Steeplechase and/or The Carolina Cup.What a fabulous day and experience, and I watch the horses!

Q: In six words, tell us why you love South Carolina.
A: South Carolina is as yet undiscovered!